How to Choose an Auto Repair Facility

We have become so dependent on vehicles for everyday life and we expect them to work…all the time. When they don’t work, things can get stressful, particularly when we don’t have a decent car repair facility to turn to for advice. Trying to find a reliable auto repair facility that you can depend on, can be overwhelming. I’d safely bet that at one time or another when you’ve had to have your car worked on, that in the back of your mind you’ve probably wondered if you are being overcharged or if the repairs are really necessary or if the technicians actually know what they are doing.

In this article I’m going to give you some ideas that will help you find a trust worthy auto repair shop.

1. Word Of Mouth Is Best: The best way to find a decent auto repair shop is to ask your friends, family or co-workers for a good recommendation. It’s important to find out what type of vehicle they have, in particular whether it’s domestic or foreign, what type of work they had done and whether or not the repairs were was done efficiently and at the same price that was on the estimate.

2. Check The Local Better Business Bureau For Complaints: Check to see if there have been any complaints against the facility. Don’t assume though that if there are no complaints that the shop is fine. This should be just one of the factors in helping you make your decision.

3. Do A Search On Google: Google often compiles reviews of auto repair facilities from different websites and will show them when you search for the name of the shop. The Internet is fast becoming a place to make your ideas known.

4. Don’t Wait Till Your Car Needs Repair: Check around and do your research when your car doesn’t need repair. Having to look for a mechanic: Generally most shops give a one-year/12,000 mile warranty. Good shops give a 2-year/24,000 mile warranty. This can be a testament to the confidence they have in their work.

7. Don’t Shop Around Completely On Price: Don’t get me wrong, price is very important, but sometimes you get what you pay for. Compare prices on the services you need and then weigh that with the other factors I’ve mentioned.

Finding a good car repair facility can be overwhelming, but it is very important to make sure that you feel comfortable with your mechanic. A good auto repair shop will go out of their way to make sure you and your vehicle and your are being well cared for. A little homework on your part now will give you peace of mind in the future.